Photoshop CS5.5 Left Toolbar Menu

Yes, I made this the hard way. I am sure someone else has already extracted images of all the little toolbar menus. But for the purpose of experience, I did it all manually. Now I must say, I am becoming more familiar with how to get around in Photoshop. Key to success #1: Time.


What did I learn from this experience? The current tool has a little black dot next to it in the sub menu. I am now more familiar with all the buttons, as well as what is hidden behind them. Also you can select a sub tool by holding shift and pressing the corresponding letter. Unfortunately it will only go through the ones that have that letter assigned to them, not all the ones in that menu.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Paste: Ctrl + V

Copy: Ctrl + C

Screen Shot: Alt + prt sc (print screen)

Select Inverse: Shift + Ctrl + I

Marquee Tool: M

Move Tool: V

Lasso Tool: L

Crop Tool: C

Healing Brush/Patch Tool: J

Clone Stamp: S

Eraser: E

Pen: P

Selection Tool: A

Hand Tool: H

Rotate View Tool: R

Quick Selection/Magic Wand: W

Eye Dropper/Color Sampler/Ruler: I

Brush/Pencil: B

History Brush: Y

Gradient Tool: G

Paint Bucket: K

Dodge/Burn: O

Sponge Tool: N

Type: T

Shapes: U

Hand Tool: Space Bar (While using another tool, so it does not quit your current tool)

I apologize that these are all PC shortcuts. I will have to address that issue next, to try to include mac users and also, of course, because I would like to know which are the equivalent keys.

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