Getting Customers

Once you get your business going, your site up and running, you need to get people coming. A few proven tactics include word of mouth, email, seo, social media, and adWords.


Why would you want to use adWords? AdWords has free tools you can use for analytics. You can use the keyword planner to research how popular different search terms are. You can make improvements pretty quickly when you have analytical tools. Learning to use AdWords also makes you marketable.

You can also run ad campaigns, but of course this is not free. Likely you can get $100 of free credit for spending $25. If you are willing to invest this little bit you can learn a lot and make your business grow. You can expand your campaign to many ad groups, with multiple ads based on groups of tightly themed keywords. Check it out here. 


Learn more about keywords here. Google does extensive analysis on keywords people search with every day. They make a portion of the results available for your use so take advantage of it. Now don’t take advantage of it in a bad way because they will know. False advertising will lower your rating and do you no good.

There are a few different ways you can match your keywords to searches.

  • Broad: any of the words of similar synonyms
  • Phrase match: has exact term in it “quotes”
  • Exact: phrase matches exactly
  • Modified broad: has them all or most plus some others

Then you can get into more details like clicks vs. impressions!