How to Get Started with Google Analytics and Tracking

If you haven’t already, get started with analytics. This is another wonderful tool for learning how to improve your website and traffic. And it is free! You can learn a lot about the behavior of people who visit your site, such as where they came from and how long they stay.

Once you get signed up you will be given some code to insert into your website. You need to have it on every page you want to track!


You can learn a lot about your audience such as which platform they viewed your site on. Then you can optimize your site to best fit their device and screen size needs. Analytics will tell you how many people came back to your website and how many were new. Which pages did they click on and where did they leave from?


You can create goals to measure conversions. For example, if you are spending money on ads you want to know that you are gaining something from that investment! You can track how many people convert in terms of things like signing up or purchasing a product.


You can create experiments to test two different versions of a page and find out which one performs better!

This is only a few aspects of all the Google Analytics offers. They do the tracking, and you can gain so much information that will help you optimize your site and business.