10 Tips for Maximizing Sales | Optimizing Mobile UX

You could be gaining sales by lightening your visitors workload on your mobile site.

I loved this article I found, so I put together a summarized list based on my favorite parts and knowledge from my personal experience working on clients’ eCommerce sites. Without further ado –

Here’s ten ways to maximize your sales by optimizing your user’s mobile experience. 

  1. Tap target sizes & spacing – make sure buttons, links, inputs etc. are big enough to be easily tapped with a finger, and have enough space around them to not hit other tap targets.
  2. Keep in mind the thumb-friendly zones for important tasks and functions. Most users are right handed.
  3. Make sure the page can be scrolled/navigated easily with a finger.
  4. Use legible font sizes. They need to be able to read without pinching/zooming.
  5. Optimize above the fold content (what’s visible on the screen without scrolling) – you only have about 5 seconds to tell the visitor who you are, what you offer, and why they should care (what’s in it for them). This is most important on the home page or common entry/landing pages.
  6. Simplify product category pages – don’t show too many columns of products. Don’t make your visitor work too hard to see your products or content.
  7. Easy to use filter and sorting tools – allow the visitor to find relevant items without lots of scrolling. They can easily forget what they saw at the top by the time they get to the bottom.
  8. Provide visible feedback for actions (Error and success messages) – especially for clicking buttons throughout the buy flow.
  9. Make it easy to go back and edit information during the checkout process.
  10. Include a way for users to ask for and receive help throughout the whole experience, including through checkout. This could be proper context information, a phone number to call, or live chat.

There you have it! Did you find something you could improve on your mobile site? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe for more.