Choosing a Host For Your Website

Here are some things to consider when choosing a Host.

Site Builder

Depending on which site builder you are using, you may not need a separate host. Just make sure they are compatible.

Monthly Price

Likely you will be charged monthly, which may get reduced if you sign a longer term contract.


The price may or may not include a domain name. In my experience a year cost for a domain name is about $12. A lot of hosts give you one for free.

AdWords Credit

Some providers may offer you AdWords credit.


This is very important. If your site frequently goes down because the service itself is low quality that is one issue, but if it is something you can get help fixing then why wouldn’t you want someone who you can talk to who speaks your language and gets back to you quickly?

This and all the other reasons have led me to choose BlueHost. I have really appreciated all of their support. I hosted for a while with dreamHost (which I have read is the same company behind the scenes?) and have really seen improvement in my time with blueHost. I have integrated sites with easy wordpress installations and created database applications with succes.